Paula jersey shore - 🧡 Jersey Shore's Pauly D may have gotten an eye lift and fillers as fans think he looks unrecognizable with new look

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Pauly D Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Dating, Kids, Biography, Wiki

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Vinny Makes His Final Choice on ‘Double Shot at Love’

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What Happened to Paula Pickard, Mike Sorrentino's 'Jersey Shore' Ex?

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When Paula asks Peachy what she likes about Vinny, Peachy takes the opportunity to compliment the mother-son duo on their strong relationship.

  • Leaving her days at Karma behind! She then shocked audiences by getting engaged to Zack, who was younger than her.

  • Moreover, some of her 19 fans have claimed that Nikki wore an engagement ring in an Instgram Story that was promptly deleted this week, but those rumors remain unconfirmed at press time.