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Jenn half-laughed then recounted what occurred yesterday.

  • Earlier books the series began publishing in 1930 featured the character bound and gagged in maybe one out of every four or five stories, usually incidental to being left somewhere like a sinking boat, water tank or airtight closet, but these scenes were revised into less dangerous situations or outright deleted from later print editions.

  • There were rumored to be about a dozen pictures, secreted away in a soft leather briefcase.

The Los Angeles—set photos — taken between 1957 and 1961 — span 200 pages, by far the largest part of the book.

  • The back of her head had been blasted away with a shotgun.

  • This seriously impedes Sunny's ability to speak, even though most people cannot understand her to begin with, but her words are still translated for the audience.

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